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Choosing Perfect Ladies Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are made to be worn for life, which only stresses the importance of choosing the right ring for the right lady. To find the perfect ring takes time and dedication; most times the bride-to-be spends many hours looking at rings in brochures and in shops, she tries on the ones she likes and eventually gets an idea of what kind of ring suits her finger, hand and personality. Nowadays, she can even go online and have a look at what online jewelers offer. Online catalogs normally showcase the latest in design and rings can be bought directly off a catalog or if preferred, couples can choose a design of their liking and have it customised to their tastes.   

The online route simplifies life in many ways due to the wave of technology and ease of internet access and use. Websites of registered and recognised jewelers are available 24/7 and designs can be studied in comfort at home or during a lunch hour at work. Couples can play around with designs of engagement rings and forward specifications when they are ready. When the design has been completed by the jeweller, it is sent to the couple for their approval. These days you can view a realistic ‘schematic’ of the ring via 3D imagery, which brings the ring to life on your PC.  

Engagement rings are mostly made of 9ct or 18ct gold, but other metals such as platinum and titanium are not excluded. If couples have chosen a pre-made ring, they only have to ensure that it’s within their budget. Often rings are passed on from mother to daughter. In such a case, the daughter might decide to change it slightly to reflect a more modern look, but generally without losing the essence or authentic look of the ring. Manufacturers also make rings from existing moulds or design new styles from scratch. An individually designed ring is a pleasure to wear since no-one else will ever have the exact item, but it will be a more expensive exercise because of its exclusivity. Completion will take slightly longer from design to approval to manufacturing, but in the end the wait will be worth it.

The choosing of a diamond or diamonds for engagement rings should be taken seriously. Firstly, ensure that the diamond dealer is registered with the required councils and well established, giving you the assurance of a legally sound and quality product. Secondly, pay attention to the 4 C’s; namely, carat, clarity, colour and cut of the stones and of course according to the weight of your own wallet. For most couples, planning to get married and choosing their rings, is an exiting process. Perfect ladies’ engagement rings do exist, but it takes time and patience to match the lady and the ring - but like any good thing, once found, there are no regrets.