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Engagement Diamonds - Creating The Ideal Ring

Styles of engagement diamonds and rings change from generation to generation – what is popular today may be out of fashion tomorrow. The style of ring that one chooses also depends on personal preference and this may not necessarily be what is fashionable at the time.  Gold is the metal of choice in most instances and this can be yellow, white or red gold. Gold is a strong but malleable metal, which makes it easy to work with; it also does not rust, corrode or tarnish. Platinum is more rare than gold and therefore more valuable; its popularity also based on the fact that it has a unique silver-white colour. There are other metals and settings as well - more and more men have for instance also started to use titanium in wedding bands and other rings.

Once a couple has decided on the engagement diamonds or diamond they can start to think about the design of the ring itself. In some cases tradition may dictate that one is dealing with a ring inherited from a grandmother or mother, meaning the ring can be refashioned to the wearer’s modern tastes. Many manufacturing jewellers have designing departments who use CAD software in the designing process resulting in a virtual image of the ring that can be tweaked if necessary. Couples can choose a popular design category, provide the designers with a sample of the kind of ring that they have in mind or even make their own drawings and the designers will take it from there.

Engagement diamonds are, as all diamonds, graded according to a predetermined grading system known as the 4 C’s: colour, clarity, carat and cut. These are the main elements effecting quality and subsequently price. Couples can make use of online designers which will enable them to choose and create the design in the comfort and convenience of their own home. After the ring has been designed the couple can look at it in a three dimensional format and in that way they can get an idea of the real look of the ring. Changes can be made to ensure the end product blueprint is as anticipated.

The majority of couples buy engagement diamonds as a sign of their love and not, first and foremost, as an investment. Many aspects go into the eventual pricing of the engagement diamonds and the ring. Obviously the grading of the diamond is a factor and those with a pink or blue hue is more valuable than the pure white ones, again due to rarity. The metal used also has a bearing on the price with platinum being more expensive than gold. Although the budget should be predetermined, there is no doubt that a rarer jewel with more exquisite design would normally be preferred. Nevertheless, in the end, although there is no price on love, a well selected ring from a reputed provider will still be appreciated, in spite of budget limitations.