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Engagement Rings in South Africa

South Africa is a mineral-rich country and as such mines its own gold and diamonds. So, in actual fact, the couples who buy engagement rings and wedding bands stay “Proudly South African”. Engagement rings in South Africa are, however, not only made out of gold and diamonds, although that is certainly the preferred combination.

Metals such as platinum, titanium, palladium and silver are also used - it all depends on the individual’s preferences. Other stones are sometimes used, often in combination with diamonds and other times replacing it. Stones to consider are: tanzanite, sapphires, garnet and aquamarine. However, if you choose to use a diamond, remember the grading system to select the stone: carat, clarity, colour and cut. These 4 determine the value of the stone. Your qualified jeweller will be able to assist you with making a selection in terms of these criteria as well as your budget and personal tastes.

A wide range of engagement rings in South Africa can be bought readymade; couples can simply walk into a jewellery store and view the various displays. Alternatively, there is the convenient approach of browsing website catalogues, deciding and purchasing the desired ring online. This means that individuals can view the jewellery store’s website in the comfort of their home and take their time to make an informed decision. Furthermore, online payment procedures are now safer and more secure than ever. The credibility of a supplier is greatly enhanced if their diamonds are certified by independent laboratories such as The Jewellery Council of South Africa, DIA and EGL.

If the bride-to-be wants to design her own ring, a simple request can be made online or in store. Couples will receive a final 3D representation in a short space of time and this will enable them to make an informed decision. Engagement rings in South Africa can also be made using diamonds or stones that have been passed on from previous generations. Similarly existing pieces can be customised, perhaps modernised.

Whatever the image of your dream ring may be, your master jeweller will be able to bring your vision to life when it comes to engagement rings in South Africa. Look out for members of the Diamond Dealers Club of South Africa, which is a sure reflection on their standard and credibility. Enlisting the expertise and services of a professional is a must when making an investment that is not only financial but also sentimental – a symbol of love and marriage.