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Find Memorable Engagement Rings in South Africa

Thats what engagements should be. Memorable! You may not be able to orchestrate the brightness of the moon and twinkling of the stars in the night sky on that fateful day when you pose the question; however, you are able to determine the sparkle in her eyes from having the perfect engagement ring on her finger. Embark on your memorable journey into marriage on a high sparkly note by choosing stunningly appropriate engagement rings in South Africa.

What a wonderful shared multi-cultural tradition the marital engagement is. Seemingly, its not so important how and where it started anymore. The engagement rite that precedes marriage is now common practice to all cultures. The richly diverse South African cultures have especially embraced this opportunity to celebrate rather enthusiastically. Our artists and master craftsmen have brought their skills and magic to ensure that this day of commitment and promise is honoured and marked appropriately. Engagement rings in South Africa are more than just jewellery.

A lot of magic goes into crafting the selection of choices available in terms of style, material and designs. The most popular choice by far remains the diamond engagement ring. Any other precious or semi-precious gemstone may be used though. Sapphires, tanzanite, garnet and aquamarine may be designed and set into your engagement ring. Diamond and gem cutting is an art and science that has our local craftsmen rank amongst the best in the world. Couple this with the latest computer aided design (CAD) technology that allows you to view the final product before manufacture, and you have a winning combination. Its now possible for the buyer to join the jewellery designer in creating a unique piece thats personal and valued indeed.

Engagement rings in South Africa can also be chosen from an extensive catalogue or pre-made jewellery pieces. Treasure hunting this way is also a wonderful way to discover what works for you. Most pre-made jewellery can be re-sized to fit depending on the complexity of the overall design.

When shopping for diamond engagement rings in particular, what youre looking for may be discussed in terms of `the 4 Cs. This refers to the colour, clarity, carat and cut of the gem diamond. A diamond gets its colour during its formation from naturally occurring chemical impurities and/or its particular crystal lattice structure. Engagement rings in South Africa set with intense pink or blue diamonds are amongst the most valuable because of their aesthetic appeal.

Diamonds are graded according to clarity, the second `C. This is a gemmological grading done by professionals that allows various gems to be compared by taking into account the impurities and internal defects within a diamond. These imperfections may cause it to be cloudy or have fine cracks. The more popular C is the carat which essentially is a measure of the mass of the diamond. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams, and the higher the carat the more valuable the diamond.

The final C is determined by the workmanship. Its the cut or the manner in which the diamond is shaped and polished. The time-honoured round diamond shape and the trendy square or princess diamond shape are amongst the many cuts that can be selected for your engagement rings in South Africa.