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How to choose engagement rings in South Africa

Couples who have inherited rings from forebears, either grandmothers or mothers, are not faced with the dilemma of having to hunt for an engagement ring. Nevertheless, if you are less fortunate here, finding suitable engagement rings in South Africa won’t be a problem. In addition to the convenience of going to a reputed dealer in order to view the wide selection, you have online shopping convenience. This includes online catalogues and “design your ring” features that allow you to customise and view rings.

Should you opt for online convenience, as with Mynhards, rest assured you won’t be limited. In fact, you can expect to find the complete range available at the traditional shop, at your fingertips. Rings can be bought directly from our online catalogue or alternatively, rings can be made to your specification. Engagement rings in South Africa take many forms and shapes, from European influences to African feels – the bride only has to form an idea of what she wants and our expert craftsman will take over. After a couple has provided a sketch of their design, the creative forces at Mynhardts will waste no time in producing the masterpiece. You will be sent a design in 3D, which makes it easy to visualise the finished product or to make alterations from there.

Diamonds are synonymous with engagement rings. The high quality diamonds used for engagement rings in South Africa are mined right here in our own land. Kimberley is one such hub, but some diamonds are also mined offshore. Many factors determine the value of a diamond, but ultimately it comes down to your unique preferences. However, it is simply non-negotiable to always deal with registered and reputed jewellers for quality and peace of mind. Mynhardts is registered with the Jewellery Council of South Africa and the Diamond Dealer’s Club, South Africa; all the more reason to entrust your needs to our experts!

What does your budget look like? How much can you spend on an engagement ring? Mynhardts can manufacture rings from as little as R3000; certainly not bad for a world-class establishment. The engagement rings in South Africa can be manufactured using white, yellow, red gold or the bride-to-be can opt for another metal, such as platinum or silver. Semi-precious stones can be used either stand-alone or in conjunction with diamonds to give the ring a more personal touch. Contact us today for assistance with your engagement ring or to place an order.