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Most Flattering Ring for My Hand Shape

When you want to find the most flattering ring for your hand, take a look at the shape of your fingers as well as the size of your hand. Differed hand shapes look best with different shapes and sizes of stones. The guidelines below can help you pick the most flattering ring for you. Keep in mind that you don't have to give up ring shapes you really love - these are just guidelines. Consider a different size or choose a cluster style that has flattering stones shapes around your favourite shape of gem.

Remember that a person with large hands and short fingers is likely to look best in different ring styles that a short-fingered person with small hands. In addition, the width of the fingers can affect how a ring looks on the hand. Nail length and shape can make a difference too. When choosing rings, think of the proportion of the fit as well as the ring style you love. Try on different shapes and sizes of rings next time you go shopping to discover the most flattering rings for your hand.