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Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Princess cut diamond rings have the sparkle, lustre, fire and brilliance of a round cut diamond, but are more in the shape of a square. This cut retains its sparkle, much like that of a round cut diamond, leading it to be just as dazzling as a round cut diamond could ever be. You do not lose its fire like you would with say an emerald cut diamond or an asscher cut diamond. These rings are said to have an abundance of light, fire and sparkle. This is because of the cut itself, a square-cut diamond with 90 degree angles to every corner.

This ring looks spectacular as a solitaire ring, although they can be paired with other diamonds to form an amazing piece of art. Jewellery is an art form, and your jeweller is the artist. It is under the jeweller's hands that turns the metal and gemstone into wearable art. Since art is something that moves the spirit and stirs the heart, it is only fitting to say that you are looking for a very timeless work of art.

One thing that makes a princess cut timeless, is one never needs an excuse to buy or to wear one. They always look good adorned upon ones finger. Think about it, have you ever seen a good diamond ring on somebody and thought to yourself it was wrong? Sure that same person could wear flip-flops and socks, and that would look wrong, but the diamond ring on their hand would not. There is never a bad time for a diamond ring. Diamonds forever shine in the light, regardless of circumstances.

Rings with princess cuts have always had an appeal unlike any other square-cut diamond ring. They have sheer elegance, yet they are not overly flashy either. It does not matter if you're out for a night with the girls or at work, a princess cut gem will always look great and look like it belongs. It will look like its part of you, as if the two separate entity's blend into one, not over powering, but complimenting the beauty you already posses.

Even jewellers consider the princess cut prized above all else. When a jeweller cuts a diamond from the rough, they can often obtain two princess cuts from same stone. When a jeweller cuts a round cut diamond, they tend to lose about 60% of the diamond when cutting say a round brilliant out of the rough. The same jeweller can cut a princess cut and yield upwards of the 80% to 90% range, only losing 10% to 20% of the gem in the cutting. This is a primary reason why princess cut diamonds rings cost less than a round diamond cut ring.