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Selecting Diamond Rings

Diamond rings are not only used as engagement rings, often they are set for anniversaries, birthdays, births of babies and other joyful occasions. Traditionally these rings were reserved for women and for their engagements, but of late men have also began to set diamonds in wedding bands and other rings of a general nature, and why not, diamonds have a 'ring to it' that says 'class'. Although other stones and metals such as platinum, palladium and titanium have come into use for wedding bands, diamonds and gold are still the choice for most wedding couples.

It is possible that you inherited diamond rings from a grandmother or mother; a ring that you hold dear but that you want to have reset into a more modern design. Expert craftsmen are available to sit down with you to discuss and design something new and exciting, according to your wishes. After the ring has been designed, the client can even view the result in 3D, giving them a clear idea as to what ring will finally look like.

Apart from flexibility, choosing a loose diamond for diamond rings adds immense value and also gives you the peace of mind that the stone is of good quality. This also ensures that the type of stone and particular design is specifically what you are aiming for. Once the perfect stone is selected the partner or couple can together select the setting of choice. The criteria that you should look out for is commonly known as the 4C's: Colour, clarity, carat, and cut. A professional diamond dealer will point out the flaws to you and depending on the money you want to spend you can choose as good a diamond as possible, within your budget. Ensure that you use a reputable dealer; one who uses diamonds that has been certified by the DIA, The Jewellery Council of South Africa, and EGL is highly recommended.

There are a variety of ways in which you can choose your diamond rings. The method that comes to mind is that you go into a store and look at what is on offer in the various jewellery shops. You may be lucky and find what you are looking for; alternatively you can select to visit a designer jeweller who can design the ring according to your specifications. A mould is made of the ring and thereafter it is set. You are then called to go and view the design and if you are happy, then the ring is made for you.

It is also possible to look for diamond rings on the internet and in the comfort of your own home. This allows a couple to hunt for diamonds and designs after hours when they are relaxed and away from work obligations. An engagement ring is the display of the love a couple has for one another and choosing the right diamond and design is paramount to that display.