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Selecting the Perfect Diamond Ring Engagement Jewellery

A diamond ring engagement piece is more than a precious gemstone. It goes beyond the twelfth element in the periodic table, subject to intense pressure over time to form rare stones. For various reasons, the diamond engagement ring has evolved in less than a hundred years to symbolise an expression of the magnitude and purity of one's love. It is tantamount to representing for many the emotional investment or commitment in a relationship, connoting the rare and precious beauty of your bride to be, the eternal bond you want to form and your worth and ability to provide as a spouse.

The purchaser of a diamond ring engagement jewel, seeing that it's a major investment and iconic symbol of love, needs to be aware of the four Cs: carat, clarity, colour, and cut. Simply put the carat weight measures diamond mass; clarity is a measure of internal defects of the stone. A chemically pure and structurally perfect diamond is clear with no hue, or colour. The colour of a diamond may be influenced by chemical impurities and or structural defects in the crystal lattice. The manner in which a diamond has been shaped and polished from a rough stone to a fine gem refers to the cut. There are various cuts, for instance princess cut, and depending on the intricacy and demand regarding the cut or overall design the value and selling price of the stone will be affected.

Technological advancement has seen the professional jewellery makers moving from only over the counter solutions to online stores for diamond ring engagement pieces. This option, apart from the obvious benefits of convenience, allows you a wide range of services. You will find online catalogues offering a range of readymade diamond rings. For those looking for that special touch or having a special design in mind they can even design and customize their dream ring online. Specifications include stone carat, the cut or design, setting design and choice of metal, typically 9 or 18 carat; there is also three-dimensional imagery giving you a vivid and accurate representation of the end product.

An accredited dealer with appropriate verifiable certifications and associations will assure you of a reputed supplier. When choosing the best piece for your diamond ring engagement jewel one can expect a certifiable quality product supported by efficient service. By providing your ring size you can receive a prompt and obligation free quote. Should you be uncertain and require expert opinion, then you can also employ the service providers craftsmen to create a unique piece. Alternately you can become a part of the designing process of your own jewellery on site. You may provide a sketch, picture or photo of your design concept as well as meet with qualified designers to discuss requirements and prepare a 3-D visual. The very latest technology allows reputed providers to create a wax model of your jewellery before it is cast in metal.

Securing an appointment to secure your diamond ring engagement jewel is easy via the online contact form. In today's fast paced marketplace when time is of the essence, you will be able to choose a quality diamond, have your jewellery designed and manufactured at prices offering you great value for money with efficient customer care. You can now realistically and practically browse or plan towards the engagement ring you are looking from the front of your computer.